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He knows most who speaks least.
(07/23/2008 10:25:48) [查看全文]
It is human nature that all of us should be fond of beauty. Everybody was born with a heart for beauty.
Today in China,with the rising of our living standard, people's requirement of beauty has been heightened accordingly. Some people spare no money or energy on beautiful clothes, fashionable hair styles,the decoration of their h
(07/14/2008 10:16:56) [查看全文]
Do as you would be done by.
(07/14/2008 10:16:08) [查看全文]

(05/13/2008 09:46:52) [查看全文]
A friend in need is a friend indeed.患难朋友才是真正的朋友。
Actions speak louder than words.事实胜于雄辩
All is not gold that glitters.闪光的不一定都是金子
An idle youth, a needy age.少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲
Bitter pills may have wholesome effects.良药苦口
Do wrong once and you"ll never hear the end of it.一失足成千古恨
Every cloud has a silver lining.守得云开见月明
Every man ha
(05/02/2008 10:47:57) [查看全文]
E 共 101 条 Each bird loves to hear himself sing. 鸟儿都爱听自己唱歌。 Each day brings its own bread. 天无绝人之路。 Each man is the architect of his own fate. 命运掌握在自己手中。 Eagles catch no flies. 大人物不计较小事情。 Eagles fly alone, but sheep flock together. 鹰单飞,羊群集。 Early mistakes are the seeds of future trouble. 早期的错
(01/30/2008 13:42:22) [查看全文]
D共 86 条 Danger is next neighbour to security. 危险是安全的近邻。 Danger itself is the best remedy for danger. 危险本身就是对付危险的最好办法。 Dead men tell no tales. 死人不会搬弄是非。 Death is the grand leveller. 凡人都要死,大家都一样。 Death meets us everywhere. 死亡到处和我门相遇。 Death pays all debts. 人死百债了。 Death when it comes will
(01/30/2008 13:42:19) [查看全文]
C 共 63 条 Call a spade a spade. 据实而言。 Call me not olive till thou see me gathered. 盖棺论定。 Call no man happy until he dies. 盖棺才能定论。 Can the leopard change his spots? 江山易改,本性难移。 Care and diligence bring luck. 谨慎和勤奋,带来好运气。 Care brings grey hair. 忧虑催人老。 Care killed the cat. 忧虑伤身。 Cast
(01/30/2008 13:42:09) [查看全文]
B 共 112 条 Bacchus has drowned more men than Nepture. 酒神淹死的人比海神多。 Bad news has wings. 坏事传千里。 Bad workmen often blame their tools. 拙匠常怪工具差。 Bare words, no bargain. 空言不能成交易。 Barking dogs seldom bite. 善吠的狗很少咬人。 Be always as merry as ever you can, for no-one delights in a sorrowful man. 务请心情常欢畅,
(01/28/2008 06:28:47) [查看全文]
A 共 360 条 A bad beginning makes a bad ending. 恶其始者必恶其终。 A bad bush is better than the open field. 有胜于无。 A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit. 吃亏的和解也比胜诉强。 A bad conscience is a snake in one's heart. 做贼心虚。 A bad custom is like a good cake, better broken than kept. 坏习惯像鲜馅饼,分食要比保存好。 A
(01/28/2008 06:28:46) [查看全文]
A bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush.
A boaster and a liar are cousins-german.
A bully is always a coward.
A burden of one's choice is not felt.
A candle lights others and consumes itself.
A cat has 9 lives.
A cat may
(01/23/2008 09:45:07) [查看全文]
1. bee蜜蜂,忙碌的人
    2. as busy as a bee 忙忙碌碌
    3. see the elephant 大开眼界
    4. white elephant 沉重的负担,无用而累赘的东西
    5. talk horse 吹牛
    6. duck's egg 得零分
    7. a sleeping dog 不可惹(
(01/21/2008 06:25:42) [查看全文]
A penny saved is a penny gained.
(11/19/2007 08:21:27) [查看全文]
It's never too late to mend.(过而能改,善莫大焉;亡羊补牢,犹未晚也。)
If a thing is worth doing it is worth doing well.(如果事情值得做,就值得做好。)
(11/15/2007 09:24:02) [查看全文]
One boy is a boy, two boys half a boy, three boys no boy.
(11/15/2007 09:10:20) [查看全文]
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